Lets do a Rub Rail 101 class Taco Marine rub rail, 18 ft boat equaled to 51 feet needed. Unfortunate…


Garrett Brumit asks: Lets do a Rub Rail 101 class
Taco Marine rub rail, 18 ft boat equaled to 51 feet needed.
Unfortunately it doesn’t come in 51 ft, only 40 ft, 50 ft and 70 ft.
Since we live in the Sunny state, trust me, 50 ft will be more than enough, they shipped me 51.3. including tube insert of 60 ft.
Now this is much easier with 2 people, but dumb ass me had to try it with just myself. You gotta lay out the rail so that it gets soft, you get about humpteen million screws which I used everyone of them, 6 inches or less apart. Find your center, attached it on the bow on one side with 2 screws, it says to stretch it and attach back at the transom and then drill and screw, their out of their mind, that did not work, borrowed my nieghbor who helped me stretch on both sides and I attached on bow, middle and then back, sent nieghbor home, the rest was down hill except for the fact that it felt like 150 degrees, just remember to drill it, puddy it and screw it ( but not tighten too much or you will screw thru the rail ) ok I did it once and remembered to not over tighten.
The corners are a bitch, but after sweating profushusssly, I worked it all in. ( Oh mark your old screw holes with tape so that you don’t reuse them. Tube insert let it bake in the sun, they say use a heat gun, Really?? Florida???
After a couple layers of skin melted off my fingers its on,
I had 12 ft extra from 51.3 feet and about the same with the insert.
let me say this..

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Nice work! I’ve been dreading doing this for months. Now I’m dreading it more.

Reminds me of my keywest !!! But longer obviously! Very nice

Lol I just did mine too 2 days ago. A little trick for the insert.. I took a paint brush and drilled the hole in the handle bigger and slid the insert in it, then pushed the handle in the groove of the rail and ran it down each side at about 2 min a side. It’s hard to explain but works awesome

Great story!

Good job buddy